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Trailer Hitches and Their Classes

We all know that there are different classes for different vehicles, but there are also different trailer hitch classes too. Depending on your vehicle and the type of trailer and load you are wanting to pull, there will be a different class of hitch you should get. Here are the 5 types of trailer hitches you can buy, and their most common uses.

Class 1 Trailer Hitches: Little Cars

Class 1 is classified as a regular duty hitch type. Their gross trailer weight is up to 2,000 lbs. while their tongue weight is only 200 lbs. The transmission cooler you need to have in your care for these need to be a light duty. These best serve people with a half trailer up to 6 feet long, or a small boat up to 14 feet long. These can fit on most compact cars and midsized cars.

Class 2 Trailer Hitches: Medium Cars

Class 2 is considered a heavy-duty hitch type. Their gross trailer weight is up to 3,500 lbs. and their tongue weight is a hefty 350 lbs. You’ll need a regular type of transmission cooler for these loads. You will be best served by these hitches in pulling full-sized trailers up to 12 feet long or boats up to 20 feet long. These can be installed on midsized cars or minivans and medium SUVs, but they will not work with compact cars.

Class 3 & 4 Trailer Hitches: Medium and Large Vehicles

These are undercar receivers, and they are pretty significant for most normal loads. Their gross trailer weight is 7,500 lbs. and their tongue weight are up to 750 lbs. If you’re looking at these, you’ll want a heavy-duty transmission cooler. With these, you can pull auto transports, or boats up to 24 feet long. These are best used on vehicles that are midsized SUVs, pickups, full-sized SUVs, or full-sized cars, but nothing smaller than a minivan.

Class 5 Trailer Hitches: Extra Duty & Commercial

These are the extra-heavy duty undercar receivers with a weight distributing system. Their gross trailer weight is up to 17,000 lbs. with a tongue weight of 1,700 lbs. If you want one of these, your vehicle needs a heavy-duty transmission cooler to stay alive. Use these to pull just about anything smaller than a 5th-wheel RV or a horse trailer. Use these with full-sized SUVs and pickup trucks. Anything over this and you’re going to a gooseneck trailer hitch, with up to 30,000 lbs. of tongue weight—those are only for pickup trucks.

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