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 Treat your truck or SUV to suspension upgrades with help from Jazz It Up in Denver. Whether you want to lift it, drop it or get a smoother ride, we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen. At Jazz It Up, we carry and install suspension parts from all the major manufacturers, including:

  • Rancho Performance Suspension & Shocks
  • Skyjacker Suspension
  • Pro Comp
  • Superlift Suspension Systems
  • Zone Off Road

Suspension Upgrades for Your Truck or SUV

At Jazz It Up in Denver, we’ll set you up with the right kit or parts needed to optimize your suspension performance. Here are just a few options for you to consider:

Lift Kits – A lifted truck makes a statement no matter where you go. So, whether you just want a more commanding stance or need more ground clearance for off-road fun, we have the right kit for the job.

Drop Kits – Not just a style thing, lowering a vehicle can reduce drag while improving vehicle handling, acceleration, braking, and tire grip on the road. You’ll also have a firmer ride and lower rollover risk.

Leveling Kits – To help level out a heavy engine with an empty truck bed, or offset a winch and other accessories, Jazz It Up offers kits that improve your truck’s stance and help you find the right balance.

Shocks & Struts – When you need greater stability for high-performance driving, OE shocks and struts aren’t going to cut it. Let us find the right shocks and struts to cushion you on any road or surface.

Sway Bars – Sway bar, stabilizer bar, anti-roll bar. Whatever you call it, Jazz It Up has the right part to ensure you keep level, providing better weight distribution on your tires, as well as better handling.

Air Suspension – Once only used in trucks and buses, air ride found its way into luxury vehicles and is now available to anyone looking for a smoother ride and better load handling when towing.

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Come in Today for Suspension Upgrades

Want to turn your Wrangler into an off-roading beast or glide down the road with an air suspension? Call, contact us or come by the shop to talk suspension upgrades. We have what you need, including professional installation at fair and honest prices.

We look forward to helping you love what you drive!