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Jazz It Up Truck & Auto Accessories, Centennial Colorado

Trailer hitches are not one size fits all. That’s why Jazz It Up is Denver’s one-stop shop for a wide variety of car, truck and SUV trailer hitch options. We carry the best brands, advise you on the right product for your towing needs, and even provide a professional installation for your vehicle and trailer.

From trailer hitches with a Class I tow rating for small trailers and accessories to heavy-duty, Class IV hitches for hauling a camper into the mountains with your SUV, we have you covered. Jazz It Up even installs fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches for those really big towing jobs. Come in today for:

  • Ratings of Class I to Class IV
  • Receiver hitches
  • Auto tow bars
  • Heavy duty towing hitches
  • Weight distribution hitches
  • Gooseneck hitches
  • B&W fifth wheel hitches
  • Tow bars, hooks & straps
  • Trailer balls & ball mounts
  • Trailer wiring

Do You Need a Brake Control System?

Before hitching up and hitting the road, it’s always a good idea to check on the trailer hitches laws for safe towing. In Colorado, the state made it mandatory that any trailer over 3,000 pounds in gross vehicle weight (GVW) will require the use of a trailer brake control system. This will allow for smooth, safe and more efficient braking – plus it creates less wear and tear on the brakes in your vehicle and your trailer.

If you’re going big with your truck and trailer, come to Jazz It Up in Denver. We’ll walk you through your options for a fully compliant brake control system, get it installed and send you safely down the road.

Don’t Forget Those Tow Accessories

At Jazz It Up, trailer hitches are just the start. We also carry a wide variety of tow accessories:

  • Locking and non-locking hitch pins
  • Back-up cameras
  • Hitching aids
  • High mount cargo box carrier
  • Hitch steps, ball and pintle mounts
  • Tire mounts
  • Wheel locks
  • Coupler locks
  • And much more
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Come in Today for Trailer Hitches and More

Let us find and install the right hitch, brake control system, or tow accessory. And if you’re looking for something specific, feel free to call or contact us to speak with a Jazz It Up expert.

We look forward to helping you love what you drive!