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customize your hummer for the mud

Winter accessories for your truck

Winter is here, the cold, snow, ice, fog are all out to slow you down. Now is the time to be thinking about getting the best truck and SUV accessories for winter. Our staff at Jazz It Up in Centennial is happy to help you explore what will suit your needs and have them installed before winter…
Blue jeep with list and custom wheels

It’s all about your truck

For a car enthusiast or any automobile fanatic, a truck is classified as a man’s best friend. This is based on its versatility, marvelous features, enormous sheer power, strength and respect it commands while on the road. Hence to extend its lifespan and ensure its efficiency, proper maintenance is essential. Jazz It Up recommends that…
roof racks for your gear

All about roof racks

While it’s not known exactly who developed the first roof racks, it is known that the concept became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, when cars and trucks had rain gutters as a standard part of roof designs. It was fairly simple to attach rack-type devices securely with the brace and support of the rain…
Jazz it Up store interior

So you want to buy some custom truck parts

Since trucks are often used for transporting heavy goods in bulk, it’s essential to have the best quality truck accessories. Trucks also require regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and unwanted accidents. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing truck parts. The price – when buying accessories, always choose parts based on their quality, not…
Black truck with custom black rims and red accents

What are fender flares?

This is a question we asked from time to time. Fender flares are attachments often found covering the wheels of pick-up trucks. Their function is to help deflect pieces of debris that can be kicked up by tires. The objective is to move mud, sand, tiny rocks, and the like away both from the body…
Jazz It Up Truck & Auto Accessories

A dash cam can save the day if you’re ever sued

If you’re sued by another driver, it will be difficult to prove your story without video or photographic evidence. Luckily, a dash cam is one of the best truck accessories to gather this evidence, which can back up your story in the courtroom. This is likely to make a major difference, which may ensure that…
Customize your seat covers

Choosing the right seat covers

To show off the interior of your vehicle to maximum effect, seat covers are a must-have. Not only do they up aesthetic and comfort levels, but they also protect the seats from wear and tear. Consider factors like durability, water resistance, and odor control when shopping for seat covers. Frequently used materials for seat covers…
Blue jeep with list and custom wheels

How window tints improve your car’s safety

Many people view window tints in cars as a decorative touch. But this ingenious product offers more than beauty. It can save lives. As a window tinting company, we have seen it in action. If you haven’t, here are three ways window tints can improve your car’s safety: Holds fragile pieces of glass together in…
variety of seat cover for your truck

Covering up this winter

As the weather gets colder, we all cover up to increase our protection from its harshness. Of course, it’s not just for ourselves where we can add that extra layer of protection. For your truck, SUV or car, you can also give it that extra bit of cover, while adding greatly to its appearance. This…
pet barriers for your car or suv

Pet barriers: a winter godsend!

Pet barriers are a great idea at all times of the year. Not only do they help keep your beloved pet safe as you drive our Colorado highways. They also help protect both driver and passengers should your dog suddenly decide he or she wants to be in another part of the vehicle – such…