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Pickup truck bed hardcover

The benefits of a covered truck bed

There are many things to choose from when considering purchasing custom truck parts. One thing you may want to get for your truck is a bed cover. Besides looking great, there are plenty of benefits to having a truck bed cover. These include: Better Gas Mileage A covered bed has less air resistance than an…
Lift up Blazer by Jazz It Up

Do you even lift? Why you should install suspension lifts

Two words: power and protection. Installing suspension lifts not only gives you a feeling of strength, it also provides protection for the most vulnerable part of your truck: the undercarriage. It feels good to weave through traffic with a vehicle that towers above other cars, but suspension lifts do more than add style points. For…
Best bed box installer

Three times you should consider using a truck storage box

A truck box can help ease your mind about leaving your valuable property in the bed unattended by securing it out of sight. If any of these three situations sound familiar, you should consider investing in a truck box. If you regularly transport firearms, you absolutely must keep them secure. Specialty vaults are designed to…
Pickup truck bed hardcover

Prepare your truck for a road trip

If you are planning a road trip, there are certain things you can do in advance to prepare your truck for it. One of them is to inspect the condition of it. Ensure your tires are working properly and get your oil changed. It is also smart to have your fuel system and air filler…
How do I protect my truck interior

Two simple ways of winter-protecting the interior of your vehicle

The warm summer days are rapidly disappearing in the rear view mirror; spring is not yet visible ahead. In other words, winters on its way. Inside your vehicle cabin, here are a couple of simple things to do to help your car survive… Add floor mats or trunk liners to help protect surfaces from the…
Trailer hitch, Jazz It Up, Denver CO

Trailer hitching laws

Our team are well aware that some drivers are not aware of the requirements of the laws covering trailer hitches and safe towing requirements. So, here’s what you need to know… In our state of Colorado, it is mandatory for any trailer over three thousand pounds GVW (that stands for Gross Vehicle Weight) to have…
Dog barrier Jazz It Up Denver

Why a pet barrier in your vehicle is important

Every day on our roads, millions of people are in their vehicles with their pets – the vast majority being dogs. If this is you, then please seriously consider installing a pet barrier. There are two key reasons for taking this action. Firstly, even well-behaved dogs can suddenly distract the driver by deciding they’d prefer…
truck Jazz It Up Denver

Eye-catching truck accessories

Have you ever been cruising down the road and notice something special about a truck that catches your eye? People choose truck accessories for many reasons, including beauty, work-related uses, safety and more. There are so many options when it comes to customizing your truck, where do you even start? You start with a trusted…
Black truck with custom black rims and red accents

Tinted vehicle windows – not just for media-shy celebrities!

There are some terrific reasons why any vehicle owner might consider tinted windows. Of course, there is a chance to fulfil your desire for driving privacy – including the hiding of in-car valuables from possible thieves. Here in sun-blessed Colorado, tinting also importantly helps block infrared and harmful UV rays. Tints also help reduce the…
lifted truck Jazz It Up Denver

Make your truck stand out from the crowd

The rise in popularity in big trucks may have you feeling like your truck is getting lost in the crowd. Never fear, with today’s awesome custom truck parts and window tinting company services you can make sure that you and your truck are noticed. Whether you are looking for exciting truck accessories or want to…