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Trailer hitch, Jazz It Up, Denver CO

Any hitches when towing?

Many drivers think that a hitch is just a hitch. But this isn’t the whole story. There is a wide range of trailer hitch requirements – it’s certainly not a one size fits all solution. Your needs might be for receiver hitches or auto tow bars, weight distribution or heavy-duty towing hitches. You might require…
Pickup truck bed hardcover

What exactly are Tonneau Covers?

This is a question one of our team was recently asked. The tonneau is an area of any truck that is open at the top. Often it’s a cargo space – but can sometimes be for passengers. A prime example is the bed of a truck which will only need to be covered part of…
Blue jeep with list and custom wheels

How would you like to heighten or lower your suspension?

A pair of opposite outcomes, but each can be a terrific choice for your specific vehicle needs… Lift it up – giving you a more commanding on-road presence, or providing that vital extra clearance for some serious off-road fun. Drop it down – you might prefer to lower your vehicle. This can improve its handling…
Jazz It Up Truck & Auto Accessories

Why a mirror dash camera can make your road trip smooth and safe

Installing a mirror dash camera is one of the best ways to upgrade your ride and make your road trip smoother, safer, and more enjoyable. Capturing high-quality videos, it can provide evidence to your insurance company and law enforcement in case of an accident. A mirror dash cam gives you both front and rearview footage,…
Trailer hitch, Jazz It Up, Denver CO

About a trailer brake control system

If you are hitching up a trailer and heading for the road, are you aware of this key piece of information? State Law, here in Colorado, mandates that any trailer which is more than three thousand pounds in GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) requires the use of a trailer brake control system. With this in place,…
Red and black rims on lifted black truck

Summer’s here – why not invest in some window tints?

If you have recently been indoors, or around your property, more than you would want to be, you may get a pleasant surprise when you properly venture out again. Summer’s really here! Great as that is, especially if you can start making longer trips, you’ll also suddenly remember how uncomfortable hot and sticky days can…
cab over lights for your truck

Three ways to better light up when driving

Here are three ways to add to the lighting power of your vehicle… Fog Lights – Colorado might be famous for bright, sunny days, but we all know that’s not how it always is. When we hit gloomy days, the wide, short beam of low-mounted fog lights is so valuable. Spot Lights – these provide…
Customize your car for your pooch

Top reasons why you need a pet barrier

If you often drive with a dog in your truck, you should consider a pet barrier, here’s why… To prevent distractions A dog moving around your vehicle un-restricted can be very distracting, causing you to lose concentration and missing turns or potential dangers. To protect your pet If your pet is allowed to roam around…
Performance air filters for greater engine function

Pushing out more power!

If you would like your SUV or truck to maximize its power potential, there are key adjustments which can be made. Amongst these are… Altering current computer settings to release more horsepower Boosting power and torque through changing your cold air intake Changing to performance air filters, resulting in improved airflow and fuel efficiency Providing…
Pickup truck bed hardcover

Bed caps and a good night’s sleep!

Thankfully, we don’t mean the kind of nightcap worn by Ebeneezer Scrooge in Charles Dickens’ a Christmas Carol! We are talking about bed caps for your truck. We know the bashes and scrapes that can be part and parcel of loading and unloading. As well as adding a smart touch to your truck, the addition…