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Blue jeep with list and custom wheels

The law and tinted windows

We’re often asked about the legal requirements in Colorado regarding tinted windows. Here’s a quick introductory guide: No windows may have a metallic or reflective appearance, nor can they have red tinting. For side windows, you need dual side mirrors if your rear window is tinted. For your front, back and rear windows, you must…
weathertech floor mats

Two great extras to help your truck cope with summer activities

When it’s possible to get out-and-about in beautiful Colorado, your SUV or truck interior can take a bit of a bashing from the way it’s used by friends or family. Here are a couple of simple ways to give it a bit of the protection it deserves… Installing Weather Tech floor mats helps protect the…
Trailer hitch, Jazz It Up, Denver CO

Have you all the tow accessories you need?

If you are keen to hitch up and hit the roads of Colorado, then it’s a good time to make sure you have all the accessories to hand for those moments you need them. To help you check, here’s a quick list of what you might need: Pins – both locking and non-locking hitch pins…
Jazz It Up Truck & Auto Accessories

A guide to roll bars for your truck

A roll bar is a metal bar running up from the sides and across the top of your vehicle. The primary purpose of a roll bar is to provide you with rigid shell protection in case of an accident. It not only prevents you from rolling over and roof crush accidents but also protects your…
Jazz it Up store interior

Common myths about buying truck accessories

When purchasing truck parts or accessories, it’s crucial to buy from a trusted seller to avoid wasting money on faulty parts. You also need to separate fact from fiction and make an informed buying decision. Here are some common myths about buying truck accessories and parts. Parts from original branded companies are superior to generic.…
roof racks for your gear

History & types of roof racks

While it’s not known exactly who developed the first roof racks, it is known that the concept became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, when cars and trucks had rain gutters as a standard part of roof designs. It was fairly simple to attach rack-type devices securely with the brace and support of the rain…
Pickup truck bed hardcover

Factors to consider when buying custom truck parts

Since trucks are often used for transporting heavy goods in bulk, it’s essential to have the best quality truck accessories. Trucks also require regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and unwanted accidents. Here are some factors to consider when purchasing truck parts. The price – when buying accessories, always choose parts based on their quality, not…
variety of seat cover for your truck

The benefit of seat covers for your truck

Seat covers are among the essential truck accessories. They not only add to style and uniqueness but also protect your seats from various damaging factors. Here are some advantages of having seat covers. Debris and dirt tend to collect in unwanted places. Seat covers protect this dirt from soiling your seats and keeps them clean.…
Black truck with custom black rims and red accents

Benefits of tinting your car’s windows

As you take care of your car’s engine and transmission, you should also consider maintaining your windows. It is common to think of tinted windows as a form of aesthetic enhancement. However, tinting your windows has plenty of long-lasting functional benefits to your vehicle. These include; It keeps your car’s upholstery from fading as it…
Pickup truck bed hardcover

The benefits of a covered truck bed

There are many things to choose from when considering purchasing custom truck parts. One thing you may want to get for your truck is a bed cover. Besides looking great, there are plenty of benefits to having a truck bed cover. These include: Better Gas Mileage A covered bed has less air resistance than an…