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The pros and cons of window tinting so that you can best decide if this is the right option for your car, truck, or SUV. We want our customers to have a thorough understanding of the products we offer, so they know exactly what to expect.

Check out our list of pros and cons of window tinting to see if it’s the right option for your vehicle.

Window Tinting Pros

Filtering Light

One of the best aspects of window tinting is that it is extremely effective in filtering sunlight. Because we have such sensitive eyes, filtered light allows us to see much clearer that unfiltered light does. Dimming the light a bit, (not too much) enables us to make out more details and improves vision.

Blocks UV Light

You may not know this, but window tinting actually blocks ultraviolet light. That means it keeps us safer from skin damage including cancer, not to mention accelerated aging and even the prevention of cataracts due to exposure to UV light. Who knew that window tinting offered such value for our health! Now you know, and you can share with your friends and family that need extra protection from the sun.

Blocking the UV light also protects the interior of your vehicle, making it last longer. Even the upholstery fabrics, trim, any plastic, vinyl, or leather will have an added layer of protection from fading, cracking, splitting, and becoming brittle over time.

Reduces Heat

Additionally, window tinting lowers the solar heat entering the vehicle up to 60%. So, your car will stay cooler than an un-tinted vehicle, even in direct sun. This is a big plus for summertime heat waves.

Glass Barrier

Shockingly, window tinting will act as a protective barrier in case of an accident. It will keep all the glass pieces stuck together as opposed to how they would typically scatter and fly all over. Hopefully, none of us ever need if for that reason.


Keep the interior of your vehicle hidden from thieves with window tinting. When they are snooping about to determine their next mark, tinted glass does not allow the visibility necessary to see inside.


An image of luxury and exclusivity go along with window tinting, so it’s a great way to jazz up your auto and maintain your privacy while doing so.

Window Tinting Cons

  • Keep these in mind while deciding to tint or not to tint:
  • Don’t use too dark of window tint as it will impair vision
  • Obey all laws regarding window tinting for how and where it can be used
  • Aftermarket window tints that are lower quality tend to bubble, peel, crack, and become unsightly, reducing visibility and the aesthetic appeal

Only choose high-quality tint from the start – if it is damaged, it will have to be peeled off entirely to be replaced

Now that you have a better idea of the pros and cons of window tinting, the choice is yours. Be sure to come into Jazz It Up for all the best options for window tinting and accessories in Colorado.

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