How to choose the right trailer hitch for your vehicle

How to choose the right trailer hitch for your vehicleIf you are looking for a trailer hitch how do you choose the right trailer hitch for your vehicle?  There are several things to think about when you are buying your trailer hitch.  The most important thing to consider is what you will be towing.  You want to find a trailer hitch that fits the towing capacity of your vehicle and one that is strong enough to handle the weight of the trailer.  The experts at Jazz It Up, serving all of metro Denver, can help you install the perfect trailer hitch for your specific needs.

Shopping for a Trailer Hitch

Once you have decided what hitch class you need, there are various styles and designs that are available.  Some hitches are unobtrusive and hide under your vehicle’s bumper, but others are designed to be more prominently placed or cannot be hidden.  There are many choices such as hitch style, quality, finish and in some cases even color. If your trailer has a gooseneck or fifth wheel design, you will need that style of the hitch.  Now you need to select one with an appropriate weight rating for your specific trailer.  It’s important to invest in the trailer hitch that best meets all your functional and aesthetic needs. 


It’s important to have qualified technicians install your trailer hitch.  If your vehicle came with a trailer hitch installed, you need to make sure the class of hitch matches your needs.  When installing your hitch, there are many things to consider.  Do you need drill or welding equipment, what is the proper distance from the suspension, tailpipe and spare tire?  It is also important to make sure it is the proper distance from the ground to the ball coupling and the same distance from the ground to the receiver.

If your trailer weighs more than 3500 pounds, a weight distributing hitch is a good choice.  A weight distributing hitch is shimmed with washers, and the ball mount works with the leverage of the springs to evenly distribute the weight to both front axles of the tow vehicle and rear axle of the trailer. It is a good idea to have a professional install and adjust your this type of hitch.

Colorado state law states any trailer over 3000 lbs. GVW will require the use of a trailer brake control system. The experts at Jazz It Up will fit the proper brake control system for your truck and trailer to ensure you keep your vehicle and trailer under control.

Heavy Duty Towing

If you are doing heavy duty towing, many trailers are designed to tow with the connection point in the bed of the truck.  The two designs are called gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches. Both Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck hitches can handle up to 30,000 pounds. Jazz It Up installs the fifth wheel and gooseneck hitches for those big towing jobs.

When it’s time to pick the right trailer hitch for your vehicle, let experts at Jazz It Up in Centennial Colorado to help you select and install the perfect trailer hitch for your vehicle.

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