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Winter accessories for your truck

Winter is here, the cold, snow, ice, fog are all out to slow you down. Now is the time to be thinking about getting the best truck and SUV accessories for winter. Our staff at Jazz It Up in Centennial is happy to help you explore what will suit your needs and have them installed before winter gets here. We can have you ready for cold weather fun in the mountains or just around town.

So, let’s take a look at the best truck and SUV accessories for winter.

Portable Jump Starter/cables

Why does it seem like your car wouldn’t start at exactly the wrong time and the wrong place, possibly even a very dangerous place? This happens a lot when the cold weather comes. That’s why every vehicle should have a way to jump-start your vehicle so you can get home or to work. With jumper cables, you will never be left stranded. Another great accessory for starting a car when your battery is dead is a portable jump starter.

Air Compressors

If you get a portable air compressor now, when the cold winter air drains your tire pressure you can pump up your flat tire in no time and not be stuck waiting for a tow.


If you get your vehicle stuck in a snow bank, you may wish you had a winch to pull you out. It is a high-powered truck accessory that can also be used for commercial purposes.

Tow Straps

Cold winter weather can get your vehicle stuck on ice or snow. If you have a tow strap you can get pulled out of that dangerous situation. If it’s more than just stuck, tow straps can even help tow your vehicle to a repair shop.


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