What You Need to Know About Window Tinting

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What You Need to Know About Window Tinting

Are you considering having the windows on your vehicle tinted? Here’s what you need to know about window tinting.

State Laws Vary

You may or may not be aware that state laws dictate how dark your windows can be when it comes to vehicle window tinting. Before you take any steps to have your windows tinted, you should check out the laws governing this practice in your state.

Some states such as Vermont and New Jersey prohibit aftermarket window tinting for the front windows and windshield. Others like New Mexico have much more lax laws and allow as little as 20% light transmission.

Failure to comply with your state’s tinted window laws will result in penalties. A law enforcement officer will use a tint meter to measure the visible light transmission and issue a citation if necessary. You may then have to pay a fine or remove the tint film entirely if you receive a “fix it” order.

Cost Estimates

The cost of window tinting will depend on a variety of factors including the model of the vehicle, the number of windows being tinted, where you live, and the type of window tint. Expect to pay somewhere between $200 on the low end and $1000 for large vehicles or the most expensive tint types.

Different Window Tint Options

While window tinting may seem simple, there are a variety of different options. Carbon tint is a popular choice since it’s long-lasting and blocks UV rays while offering an appealing matte finish. Dyed window tint is the least expensive window tint option and still provides that desirable dark appearance, though it does fade with time. Other options are metallic window tint, carbon window tint, and hybrid window tint.

Removing Window Tint

As mentioned previously, you may be forced to remove your window tint if you receive a “fix it” order or if you move to a state with stricter laws. In either case, the process of removing it is simple. All you need is a sharp razor blade and a heat gun/hairdryer to peel away the tint.

Contact Jazz it Up to Learn More

If you’re interested in having your vehicle’s windows tinted, Jazz it Up is the perfect place to go. Our technicians can discuss your options following the relevant state laws and help you get the window tinting you’re looking for.

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