Thinking About Installing a Remote Starter?

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Thinking About Installing a Remote Starter?

Remote StarterIf you’re thinking about installing a remote starter on your vehicle, come see us at Jazz It Up Truck and Auto Accessories in Centennial. We have years of experience in the auto accessory field, and since remote starters have been around for a while, we have a thorough understanding. Today we give you the full rundown on what you need to know before you buy or have a remote starter installed.

How they work

If you’ve never had a remote starter for your vehicle before, get ready for a treat. They allow you to start your vehicle without being inside of it. That means you can be anywhere from a few hundred feet away to miles away and start your car remotely. This is a handy feature in both cold and hot weather, which is common here in the Denver area.

The remote starter simulates the actions taken to start your vehicle under normal conditions. This being the case, they tend to work better with automatic cars over manual ones. However, if your stick shift vehicle requires no manual intervention to start it, such as a tap on the gas pedal, you should have no problem using this gadget. If, so, there are additional kits to install to correct this.

Newer vehicles that have built-in anti-theft systems may also present challenges for installation. Be sure to consult with your trusted accessories installer at Jazz It Up first.

Extra Features

Besides the remote starting aspect, you can also have other functions integrated with the device:

  • Smartphone App: Give your phone the ability to start your car remotely, and you’ll have one less device to carry around in your pocket.
  • Integrated Starter Disconnect: If you can start your car from afar, you can also shut it off from afar. Not all remote starters have this option, but it is an excellent feature to include.
  • Security Integration/Auxiliary Outputs: If you don’t have an alarm system already, include it with your remotes starter purchase and kill two birds with one stone.

Cost Range

If you’re interested in installing an aftermarket remote car starter, you are going to find a variety of options. The most basic models run just under a hundred bucks, and it goes up from there depending on the brand and the features included. Come by Jazz It Up, and we can show you our selection and even special order a remote car starter for you.

Proper Installation

Be sure to have professionals install your remote car starter. The last thing you want is poor installation which will only lead to problems getting the device to work or setting off a chain reaction of problems in your vehicle. Again, cars with a carburetor will need particular attention as well as newer vehicles that have anti-theft systems.

If you’re thinking about installing a remote starter, stop by Jazz It Up Truck and Auto in Centennial to get the best service and selection. We’ll walk you through all the options, as well as take care of installation when you’re ready to enjoy the convenience of this fun and functional accessory.

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