roof racks for your gear

Rooftop racks

We can help you find one that best fits your vehicle, your choice of skis or board (gear, too), as well as your budget. In fact, we have all kinds of great accessories to get you geared up for the snow and more!

A roof rack will give you the flexibility to bring all your stuff, your skis and snowboards and other gear. Let’s look at the types of car racks that are available. There are ski and snowboard racks, boxes, and soft top carriers. All these racks let you bring your snow sports gear and still allow you plenty of room inside for you and your family.

The great thing about car racks is they will fit on almost any vehicle. However, there are some vehicles and racks that may need adaptive fit kits. We will make sure you get the right roof rack for skis and snowboards that will fit your vehicle.

Ski and Snowboard Racks

Unless you have a very large vehicle, it’s hard to carry all your snow sports equipment and have room in the car for passengers. That’s why ski and snowboard racks are such a great way to carry your skis and snowboards on the roof of your car or SUV instead of taking up the limited space inside. It gives you a quick, easy-to-use, and secure transportation for your gear.

Ski and snowboard racks can carry multiple pairs of skis or snowboards in the locking rubber coated arms on top of the vehicle. Most people think the open style ski and snowboard rack is easier to get the skis and snowboards in and out of than a rooftop box. They also have a lower profile which gives you a better overhead clearance than a box. The box or soft top carrier is larger and can cause a bit of wind resistance and your gas mileage may be reduced, whereas the ski and snowboard racks are low to the roof of the car.

Soft Top Carriers

Like a fabric cargo bag which mounts to crossbars on the roof of the car or SUV, soft top carriers carry gear and luggage. They are usually square in shape and can fold for storage. They are easily mounted because they are lighter than boxes. However, they aren’t waterproof like the boxes and the fabric can be cut.

Rooftop Box

Another kind of rack is a rooftop box which is an enclosed cargo carrier usually offering between 8 and 21 cubic feet of space. The box design can be square cubes to very elongated shapes to better carry skis and snowboards. We will make sure the dimension of the box fits your vehicle. The longer boxes are great for skis and gear, but they could be too long and prevent opening the rear hatch of some SUVs and wagons.

Made from durable plastic materials, some boxes have reinforced lids for easy opening and closing but may be more expensive. Boxes offer a little better protection for skis, snowboards, poles, and luggage and can be used for transporting gear and anything else you want.

Since the boxes are big, they are harder to store and tricky to mount. They may even make the vehicle too tall for garages and parking structures. That’s another reason why ski and snowboard racks are so popular.

The snow is piling up and the runs are either open or about to be. Let us help you with choosing a roof rack for skis or snowboards soon. Our experts at Jazz It Up in Centennial can help you install a rack, and you can be making your way up to the mountains soon.

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