Protect Your Dash With A Dash Cover

Protect Your Dash With A Dash Cover  Jazz It Up DenverToday, Jazz It Up in Centennial shares our insight on the importance of dash covers. You may not initially think that dash covers are a necessary interior accessory for your vehicle but read below to see just how beneficial they can be to prolonging the look and resale value of your car, truck or SUV.


The heat from the sun is extreme. Especially right up close to the windshield on the dash of your car, a bit like a magnifying glass. Well, your dashboard sits there day after day, year after year, baking in the sun. Even if it is cold outside, on a clear day, your dash takes a beating from the sun.

Well, those harmful UV rays can lead to an array of problems. Eventual fading and cracking are a given due to the intense heat of the sun. Additionally, air molecules within dashboard can expand leading to a ruptured surface. Heat and oils can combine to create rifts in the dashboard too. There are just too many risks involved for your dash. It’s under a lot of pressure, so give it a break with a dash cover.

Where do you think all of that dirt and dust that come in through the vents and windows ends up? They land on and inside of your dash. Dirt and grime can then settle into the crevices there and continue to attract more of the same. Even dash cleaners and shiners that claim to be helpful can destroy your dash and lead to fissures and discoloration.

So, a dash cover can be an indispensable tool in fighting off the adverse effects of the sun and its UV rays, as well as the plethora of dirt and dust that happen to come along.

Lowers Temperature

Because the sun beats down on the dashboard, it inevitably creates a significant amount of heat inside of your vehicle. Keep the interior of your vehicle much cooler with a combination of a sunshade and dash cover. Instead of giving the sun a surface to magnify heat, a dash cover will disperse the heat and not allow for such high temperatures to be reached.


Another reason to have a dash cover is to either cover up damage to the dash or avoid it. Cracking and fading are a common fate for any dashboard to endure for any number of reasons. You may have even been playing the air drums too hard listening to your favorite music, when bam, the dash cracks. Also, using your dash as a desk can leave permanent indentations. Change out the bland, faded, cracked, or broken dash with the addition of a soft, smooth, and form-fitting dash cover. Of course, color choice is up to you. Keep it muted or turn up the vibrancy with an array of colors to add personal style.

Hopefully, you are now aware of the importance of dash covers as detailed by your local truck and auto accessories team. We look forward to helping you love what you drive soon at Jazz It Up in Centennial.

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