My Truck Needs Running Boards

My Truck Needs Running BoardsYour family is done hoisting themselves into your truck, you need running boards, but which type of running boards should you get?

Our experts at Jazz It Up in Centennial can show you many options in styles, materials, and uses to help you make a great choice for your vehicle. Whether you want it them for functional reasons or you like the way it looks, we can help you find the running board for your truck.

Uses for Running Boards

Running boards are designed to help people step into tall vehicles. They are also popular for their appearance.

Running boards are installed beneath the side doors and between the front and back wheel wells. They come standard on some trucks and SUVs.  Running boards are made from several manufacturers for specific models or they can be custom made. There are different lengths of running boards and they are made with different materials and unique styles.

Styles of Running Boards

Running boards come in many styles, including cab-length, bed, wheel-to-wheel, and full flare. Your choice may depend on your need to climb or reach into certain parts of the vehicle, or how the running boards look.

Let’s take a look at the style options available for vehicle running boards.

Cab-length running boards-These stretch from the front wheel well to the rear of the cab section on an SUV or truck. They are the cheapest and maybe the most efficient type of running board.

Bed running board-These fill in the space between a cab-length running board and the rear wheel well. Usually, they are purchased by people whose vehicles already have running boards and need help to reach into the bed of a truck.

Wheel-to-wheel running boards-These go between the front and back wheel wells and give a smoother look than using a combination of bed and cab running boards.

Full flare running boards-These are custom made and are designed to transition seamlessly into the body of the vehicle.

Nerf Bars

An alternative to running boards are nerf bars, which serve the same function as a step-up to get into the vehicle. They are the same lengths as running boards. Nerf bars are not platforms like running boards but instead are cylindrical in shape. Usually made from aluminum or steel, they have hard rubber foot pads that help increase traction and prevent slipping. Nerf bars tend to be seen as creating a  sleeker, sportier look than running boards.

Lighted Running Boards

Some running boards come with lights to help people see the step in the dark and add safety and convenience. The lights come on when the vehicle’s doors are opened.

Model Specific and Custom made Running Boards

We can tell you if there are running boards for your vehicle’s make and model. Generally a little more expensive, custom made running boards can be designed to your specific preferences.

Once you have chosen the style of your running board, next you need to consider what materials you want it to be made of.

Materials For Running Boards

Running boards are made from aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass or ABS plastic. Aluminum and steel are more durable and can have different finishes but fiberglass and plastic can be painted to match the vehicle. Textures and patterns on running boards help prevent slipping.

Aluminum Running Boards-These have a metallic look and are not painted but it can be finished to look like chrome. They can have grooves running longwise or have a textured cover applied, both prevent slipping. These sturdy aluminum running boards come in two types:

Diamond plate aluminum-pattern molded improves traction and prevents slipping.

Extruded aluminum-smooth, without any textured patterns.

Fiberglass Running Boards-These are lightweight but can increase durability with a steel plate on the underside. They can be painted to match the color of the truck or SUV.

Stainless Steel Running Boards-These are the most durable options and come in a variety of styles, some even look like chrome.

ABS Plastic Running Boards-These are made from a less expensive but strong plastic. It may not last as long as aluminum and steel but like fiberglass, it can be painted to match the vehicle’s

Choosing running boards for your truck or SUV involves evaluating styles, materials, and uses. Our expert technicians at Jazz It Up in Centennial have the options you are looking for to make your running board useful and to perfectly fit your vehicle.

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