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Truck Bed Covers

Winter is coming and we think you need to take a look at a bed cargo cover for your pickup truck. Come to Jazz It Up in Centennial to find the cover that best fits your truck and cargo needs. The snow is coming, don’t go without the protection you need when winter sets in.

Truck covers come in hard or soft material and are locking or non-locking. You can get painted fiberglass lids, soft and hard folding covers, high impact plastic, roll-up covers, and retractable covers. Whatever you prefer, it’s best to get your truck bed covered before winter dumps more white stuff on the Denver metro area and beyond.

Retractable Covers

These covers retract into a canister at the front of the truck bed and are available in different materials. The cover might be made out of aluminum, vinyl or polycarbonate over a retractable reinforcing structure. The structure may be made from tempered aluminum i-beams embedded into the polycarbonate sheet. The retractable covers are flush, offering a clean look. They give a locking security and it allows you to get access to the truck bed without removing the cover. Also, some retractable covers can be secured while partly open.

Painted Fiberglass Lids

These lids are reinforced for strength and durability and allow the cover to match the truck.  The painted fiberglass lids are removable and weigh about 110 pounds. Some lids offer quick release hardware that gives easy removal of the lid yet leaves the framework on the truck bed. On the other hand, some lids are mounted to a framework and are removable by releasing mounting clamps and lifting the cover with a framework from the truck bed.

Soft and Hard Folding Covers

A folding cover is easy to use and can either be soft or hard. Soft folding covers gives easy access and cover removal for the truck bed. Hard folding covers are also easy to use but offer more security if the truck has a locking tailgate. The folding truck bed covers can sit above the truck bed or relatively flat, which gives it a clean look. These covers are good for cargo that is taller than the bed. It gives you access to the truck bed without having to remove the cover.

High Impact Plastic Lids

This is a flat locking cover that secures the truck bed and prevents the tailgate from being opened. They are lightweight, weighing less than 60 pounds, easy to remove in minutes, very strong, and durable. The high impact plastic lids provide complete access to the truck bed and may come with wall mount hardware for storage when the cover isn’t on the truck. The high impact plastic truck lids are great when you need a cover that’s easy to remove.

Roll-Up Covers

These truck covers help protect the bed from the weather, hide the cargo, and allow easy access if you need to haul taller items. The roll-up covers use a frame that clamps to the truck bed without drilling. It features a vinyl-coated surface on both sides of the cover and a rear rail tensioning system that lets the cover reattach even in extreme cold. If the truck has a locking tailgate, the rear rail locks into the side framework offering added security.

The bad weather is coming. So, visit Jazz It Up in Centennial to get your truck bed covered before winter. We can help you find the cover that best fits your cargo needs, as well as your truck make and even your personal style. We also offer a wide range of other accessories to personalize your ride.

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