Pickup trucks and snow plows Pick Up Trucks and Snow Plowscan be the deciding factor as to whether you can get to work and school, or even out of your neighborhood. For some people, snow plows are big business. Our technicians at Jazz It Up in Centennial think snow plows are just pretty cool.

Snow plows used to be relatively simple, but now snowplow technology is actually quite advanced. So, let’s talk snow plows.

The snow plow blade is the first thing people are interested in. Blades come in stainless steel or colors. They can either be straight or V-shaped. The V-shaped ones usually have a pivot point in the middle of the blade that helps direct the snow. You can also get extendable blades.

The Fisher XLS blade has two adjustable wings on the left and right edges that can be reconfigured as a 9-foot scoop. It can also be extended into a 10-foot straight blade. The blade also pivots left or right to push the snow to the side.

Plow blades are made of steel or polyethylene (poly). Polyethylene is lighter, but the weight of the steel blade gives a greater downward force, providing a more complete job of plowing the snow.

Sometimes the blade will run into hidden, immovable objects. When this happens, snow plows have a full trip or edge trip mechanism that pivots in the direction of the obstacle strike but still keeps the rest of the blade upright. This allows the plow to keep moving without losing your load or feeling like you hit a brick wall.

Plow blades can range from about six-and-a-half to 10 feet wide. They often weigh between 200 to 1,000 pounds, depending on what your truck can handle.

Brackets or a two-inch hitch receiver attaches the plow to the truck. Rear-mount plows can use the same hitch receiver that is installed on trailers. The plow’s quick mount-and-release systems can help you easily remove the blades. It’s quick and stress-free, unlike the old days when mounting and removing blades was extremely difficult.

The controllers are inside the cab and allow drivers to move the blade up and down and angle the blade from side to side. Both hand held and joystick styles are available. Joysticks are usually mounted directly onto the dashboard whereas hand held ones can be moved or stored when you’re not using them.

There are lots of things to think about if you’re buying a snow plow, including the actual plow, installation costs, accessories, and any upgrades that you want. You may need a snowplow prep package that supports the front end with stiffer suspension parts, necessary wiring, and oil and transmission coolers.

Make sure your truck can handle the type and weight of plow you choose. Even smaller pickups can be outfitted with a plow, just make sure it’s the right size.

How do you know which plow is the best for your truck? That’s where our technicians at Jazz It Up come in. We can help you make the right choice. We can advise you on which plows fit your truck based on the gross axle weight rating and other considerations. We can also help you with the mounting hardware and if you will need special equipment.

Here’s a good roundup of the types of plows that are available for small, light-duty, and heavy-duty pickups.

SnowDogg MD Series

Size: 24” high, 6’8”-7’6” wide,

Weight: 380-400 lbs.

Material: Stainless steel

Features: Four trip springs, quick mount/release mechanism, snow deflector, plow lights, handheld controller

Application: Home/personal use with Ford Ranger/Explorer Sport Trac, Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Sonoma, Dodge Dakota, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma (also suitable for full-size pickups)

Fisher HT Series

Size: 27” high, 7’6” wide

Weight: 414 lbs.

Material: Stainless steel

Features: Two trip springs, quick mount/release mechanism, plow lights, handheld or joystick controller, antitheft system that prevents use of the unattached plow by another truck

Application: Light-duty use with Chevrolet Silverado/GMC Sierra, Ford F-150, Nissan Titan, Dodge Dakota, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra (also suitable for heavy-duty pickups)

Western Pro Plus

Size: 31.5” high, 7’-9’ wide

Weight: 789-837 lbs.

Material: Steel

Features: Four trip springs, quick mount/release mechanism, plow lights, handheld or joystick controller, antitheft system that prevents use of the unattached plow by another truck

Application: Heavy-duty/commercial use with Chevrolet Silverado/GMC

Sierra HD, Ford F-Series Super Duty, Dodge Ram Heavy Duty

Okay, so you’ve decided on what plow to get. But what about accessories? You may want rear-mounted salt and deicer spreaders, blade guides, overhead light bars, snow deflectors, rear flood lights, or bed-mounted ballast options. Jazz It Up technicians in Centennial can also help you with accessories for your pickup trucks and snow plows.

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